UN NUOVO SGUARDO | figurazioni del novecento

23 November – 12 January 2024

Opening: Thursday November 23, 2023 at 6 pm

Curated by Francesco Poli

Pompeo Borra

With the exhibition UN NUOVO SGUARDO figurations of the twentieth century, the Roccatre Art Gallery presents a careful selection of works by some of the greatest artists of the Italian figurative panorama of the twentieth century. The exhibition offers, to name a few, the beautiful Still Life from 1947 by Filippo De Pisis, the equally beautiful and magnetic Still Life with Plate from 1930 by Carlo Levi, two beautiful unpublished portraits by Piero Marussig and Enrico Paulucci, from 1927 respectively and from 1942, Pompeo Borra's Girls from 1951, Luigi Spazzapan's Friends from the 1930s.

Artists exhibited:
Enrico Allimandi, Pompeo Borra, Filippo De Pisis, Franco Gentilini, Carlo Levi, Umberto Lilloni, Piero Marussig, Nella Marchesini, Francesco Menzio, Pippo Oriani, Enrico Paulucci, Luigi Spazzapan, Mario Tozzi.

Some of  paintings included in the exhibit

Luigi Spazzapan
Enrico Paulucci
Piero Marussing