Welcome to the Roccatre Gallery, modern and contemporary art in Turin

Roccatre Art Gallery is located in Turin, in the historic and central Via della Rocca.

A reference point for modern and contemporary art in Turin, its main focus is about artists whose works can be placed between 1930 and 1970.
These include Marco Gastini, Fausto Melotti, Pinot Gallizio, Enrico Paulucci and many others.


15th May - 15th June 2020


A group exhibit entitled "Evolutions" is underway which brings together different styles that have characterized the whole last century.
Among the present works there are a tempera on paper by Bice Lazzari from 1939, two works on paper from the informal period by Achille Perilli and Emilio Scanavino a rare work by Tato from the Cubist period up to an impressive work by Daniele Galliano from 2007.

Roccatre Gallery - Evolutions


Roccatre Art Gallery awaits you in


stand 28

Wednesday 2 November 
12-16 pm - Preview by invitation
16-22 pm - Vernissage by invitation

From Thursday 3 to Sunday 6 November
11 am-8 pm - Open to the public

artefiera 2022

During the event, the Roccatre art gallery will remain open with an exhibition of works by R.Graziani, Piedmontese artist born in 1941.
His canvases present surfaces carefully elaborated through glazes or fusions of successive layers of material, mixed techniques.

Some of  paintings included in the exhibit:

R. Graziani
R. Graziani
R. Graziani
R. Graziani
R. Graziani
R. Graziani


Kunstkammer | Mirabilia artificialia

Adriano Parisot

Adriano Parisot

Kunstkammer | Mirabilia artificialia

Curator Olga Gambari

Opening Thursday September 15th, 2022 at 3 pm-11pm

on the occasion of Exhibi.To

15 September - 8 October 2022

Maura Banfo, Fritz Baumgartner, Vasco Bendini, Laura Castagno, Sandro De Alexandris, Nicolaj Diulgheroff, Marco Gastini, Alessandro Gioiello, Bice Lazzari, Arrigo Lora Totino, Luigi Mainolfi, Gian Luigi Mattia, Leonardo Mosso, Cristiana Palandri, Adriano Parisot, Enrico Paulucci, Simone Pellegrini, Achille Perilli, Guido Persico, Claire Robert, Piero Ruggeri, Piero Simondo, Mario Surbone, Luigi Veronesi.