6th May- 30th June 2021

Opening Tuesday 6th May 2021
10.30 am-12.45 pm // 3.30 pm-7.30 pm

Marco Gastini, Plexiglass

On the occasion of the “Spring galleries” event that involves a large number of Turin galleries, Roccatre Art Gallery presents a group show with works by Italian artists of the 20th century, united by the esaltation of line, point and their relationship with space and surface.

It will be possible to admire the first geometric works by Luigi Veronesi, elegant works by Marco Gastini and Beppe De Valle up the light structures by Leonardo Mosso and Laura Castagno.

Laura Castagno
Nicola Demaria
Beppe Devalle
Nikolay Diulgheroff
Lucio Fontana
Marco Gastini
Luigi Mainolfi
Fausto Melotti
Leonardo Mosso
Mario Surbone
Luigi Veronesi

Some of  paintings included in the exhibit

Piero Ruggeri, Gli uomini davanti al mare
Piero Rambaudi, Senza titolo
geometrie leggerezza03-1x