Roccatre Gallery virtual exhibition

solo exhibit

The Roccatre Gallery opens its gallery rooms to its users, presenting a virtual exhibition that allows you to enjoy the works of the French artist Claire Robert, from home.

French artist Claire Robert is very appreciated for her interior theatrical scenes where through her fluid and smooth style she can catch the emotions, weaknesses and vitality of human extistence often turning to irony.
The artist never defines her shapes, she allows colour to merge through her imaginative process.
All this lays between the immediacy of a snapshot and a situation of emphatic distortion.
The consistent use of collage contributes to create movement.


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Paintings included in the exhibit

Vue sur mer - Claire Robert

“Vue sur mer” - 105x154 cm

Food porn - Claire Robert

"Food porn” - 92x89 cm

La bouée de sauvetage, les deux cafés et la lecture manquée - Claire Robert

"La bouée de sauvetage, les deux cafés et la lecture manquée" - 142x138 cm

Informal dinner - Claire Robert

"Informal dinner” - 35x50 cm

Tête-à-tête - Claire Robert

“Tête-à-tête” - 40x50 cm

'Piece isolée” - 56x72 Piece isolée - Claire Robert

"Piece isolée” - 56x72

Être cloîtré - Claire Robert

"Être cloîtré” - 50x50

La pêche à la cuillère - Claire Robert

"La pêche à la cuillère” - 100x150 cm

Sous la douche - Claire Robert

“Sous la douche” - 25x30 cm

Femme de Chambre - Claire Robert

“Femme de Chambre" - 52x80 cm

Ma chambre - Claire Robert

"Ma chambre” - 25x25 cm

Salon de the - Claire Robert

"Salon de the” - 25x25 cm

“Porteuse de citrons - Claire Robert

“Porteuse de citrons” - 25x30 cm